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What is missing in your door preventive
maintenance program?

The first step in answering these questions is One Step.
  • Is the information you collect accurate and reliable?
  • Are your customers satisfied with the inspection reports you provide?
  • Do you worry about customer retention?
  • Do you need to make your inspections more efficient?
  • Do you need help with scheduling preventive maintenance?
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How you can help your customers with One Step?

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How it works?

Hardware Choices
As a door inspector you get to choose between Android or Apple tablets and smart phones to wirelessly connect with your secure data. Customers can also see door inspection data by creating a customer account. When the account is approved, customers can review inspection data using web browsers like Google Chrome.
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Inspection reports will list the doors inspected, note any problems and if appropriate suggest repairs. Reports are emailed to the customer when the inspection is completed ensuring the customer has the information they need to manage any necessary repairs.
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Inspections with

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Schedule the Inspection
The inspection is scheduled, and a door inspector arrives to complete an inventory and description of doors in the facility.
Door examination and Barcodes
• Each door is examined, and details entered in the One Step Systems app.
• Barcodes are affixed to the door and door frame. The barcode is linked to each door system.
Suggestions on Repairs
Appropriate repairs are suggested accompanied by photos (if necessary) to your inspection report .
Schedule next maintenance inspection
Depending upon the preventive requirements, the next maintenance inspection is scheduled.
Report Generation
The inspection report is created and emailed to the customer.
Subsequent Maintenance
When the inspector returns for subsequent maintenance, the door barcode is scanned and the previous door information is instantly available for editing.

Information and repair data are easily entered and managed by using check and pick lists edited by the door company. Prescribed manufacturer’s notes regarding remedies and replacement parts are entered significantly reducing the need for “keyed” data entry by the inspector while on site. The inspector simply selects the correct text from the list displayed on the screen. Inspection reports detailing the work completed, the replacement parts needed and optional photos of the problems are included in the inspection report which is wirelessly emailed to the client. Users can have prescribed privileges and tasks allowing each user group with the information they need to manage work-flow and responsibilities.

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Can you afford the Risk?

Compliance and Codes

Suppose your door fails because you neglected to keep it maintained. It would mean a loss of business, you won’t be able to deliver your services and product to the customers who rely on you. Another important risk is not being compliant with employee safety (OSHA) and NFPA codes exposing you to safety liability

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