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Inspectors have relied on One Step for twenty years to provide them the software they need to accurately record inspection details. Using mobile tablets and phones, information is collected, saved and reported

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Yes, under certain conditions. If there are 2 doors installed back to back on the same opening, they would have to be effectively controlled by one link so that the separation of any link would cause both doors to close. If doors are side by side, an issue may be that fusible links are only listed to handle so much load (approximately 40 lbs.), so depending on the number of doors, and design of doors and closing system, use of a single fusible link may be limited because the load rating could be exceeded fairly easily. Per NFPA 80, two or more fusible links may be stacked to increase holding power.

Yes, doors can be painted but there are limitations. Refer to NFPA 80 Section Painting should only be done to the extent that it does not inhibit door operation, particularly moving parts such as gears and other mechanisms. Fusible links, where present, are never to be painted.

For an interior wall, the answer is yes provided that the fusible link system incorporates a through-wall cable. For an exterior wall, the answer is yes but is dependent on the fusible link arrangement needed when switching from interior mount to exterior mount and vice versa. A fire door suitable for use on an interior wall may not be suitable for use on an exterior wall, such as its ability to withstand wind pressures. Also, if it is mounted on the exterior side of the exterior wall, weather- protective covers may need to be added depending upon exposure. 

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